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- Tara W

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- Jayme G

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– Mark B

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“I had surgery on both knees that left me with chronic pain. After receiving acupuncture treatments, I am able to ski and run again.”

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7 Ways to Reduce Knee Pain

knee painPerhaps one of the most frustrating times in any active individual’s life is suffering from an injury. You’re going about your program and feeling great about the progress and results you’re seeing and then all of a sudden, you’re sidelined in pain.

Knee injuries are unfortunately very common among many people and can occur for a variety of different reasons.  In some cases knee injuries come on due to the fact that the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee aren’t all that strong and this causes the knee cap to be pulled in one direction.

In other cases, it’s constant repetitive movements that’s at the heart of knee pain as these cause intense grinding and rubbing with the bones, tendons, and ligaments.

In other cases, it’s just simply a wrong movement pattern that threw the body off balanced and caused you to twist the knee in an awkward position.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain and that is that as soon as knee pain erupts, you’re going to need to figure out what you can do to put a stop to it.

Fortunately, with the right treatment protocol, you can definitely relieve your knee pain and get back to your normal workout program.

Let’s have a look at seven such ways to reduce knee pain that you can start using immediately.

Strengthen The Quad Muscles

The very first step to help relieve yourself of knee pain is to consider strengthening the quad muscles surrounding the knee.  If you have a muscle weakness going on, especially if it’s a case of the inner or outer quad being stronger then the opposing one, this is going to be cause for concern.

Leg extensions, lunges, squats, and step-ups are all great exercises to help improve your strength in the quad muscles and help to better protect your knees against pain.


If your muscles and ligaments are quite tight, spending some time stretching is also a wise move.  Perform a few stretches for the quads and hamstrings to ensure you relieve yourself of this tension and let the knee cap relax into its natural position.

If you aren’t taking a few minutes to stretch after each workout that you perform, now is definitely the time to start doing so.

Ice And Elevate

If your knee region is very swollen and tender to the touch, and the injury is recent, icing the area and elevating it is a must.  This will help to reduce the swelling taking place and be your first-line-of-defence as far as kick-starting the recovery process goes.

Ice the knee region for 10 minutes, three times per day for best results.


If you’re in such severe knee pain that exercise is intolerable, then it’s time to rest up and allow your body to recover.  In some cases, a few days off is what your body needs to allow the healing process to take place.

If you continually just keep exercising – even at a reduced intensity or duration, you’re still aggravating the injury and may just be digging yourself further and further into the whole.

Many people who are very active and into their workouts struggle to make the decision to take the time off their body really needs, but always try and remember the fact that if you’re out there doing half-effort workouts because you’re in such great pain, you aren’t really going to see many benefits from those anyway.

Replace Your Footwear

Another very simple technique that you can use to help put a stop to knee pain is to look at the footwear you’re using and consider a replacement there.  If you’re participating in a high amount of running on a daily basis, worn out shoes could be the cause of your knee pain.

This would especially be the case if you’re suffering from shin splints as well. One big mistake some people make is waiting until their shoes look worn out to have them replaced.  Remember that if you’re exercising indoors, your shoes may look very new but at the same time, be completely unsupported.

Aim to replace your running shoes every 400-500 miles if you’re a runner or every three to four months if you’re not. 

Cross Train

Cross training is the next quick tip to help manage knee pain. If the pain is brought on from repetitive movement patterns, adding a new workout variety into the mix can help you overcome this.

Have a good look at your current workout schedule and determine whether or not you are getting enough variety.  Aim to perform no exercise more than four times per week.  This doesn’t mean you can’t workout more than four times per week, it’s just that some workouts should be a different mode of exercise.

Cross training is not only helpful for reducing injuries, but for making sure you’re stimulating all the muscles in the body as well.

Use Acupuncture

Finally, the last method to help put a stop to your knee pain in a hurry that is often overlooked by many is acupuncture.  This is one of the most effective treatment protocols because not only does it work quickly, but you won’t be down from your training for long.

Most people are able to get back to their regular workout programs with just a few short treatments.  With other treatment techniques, you can be out from your workout program for weeks before things improve.

So if you’re currently suffering from knee pain and need to put a stop to it so that you can get back to the physical activity that you enjoy, consider one or a combination of these treatment protocols.

Remember that catching knee pain early and moving immediately into treatment is going to be one of the best ways to ensure that you are successfully able to put the problem behind you.

5 Responses to 7 Ways to Reduce Knee Pain

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  • I was diagnosed this past week with arthritis in my left knee, I now have it in both of my knees, wondering about acupuncture therapy.

    • admin says:

      There have been several knee pain studies, one done by my professor @ The University of Maryland, that showed great improvement treating patients with arthritis. I have seen good success treating knee pain in my clinic

    • admin says:

      Acupuncture is great for treating knee pain regardless of the cause or diagnosis.

  • Carolyn Thomas says:

    I need to make an appointment to see if something can be done about my knee pain. I know I need knee
    replacement but because my husband has come down with lung cancer I am not wanting to do that at this time.
    I also have arthritis…..I have tried ice on my knees and hamstrings and also heat. I have had acupuncture in the
    past but she moved to Oregon. I truly believe in it and right now I’m reaching out for something to help.
    Will call for an appt. in Exton….I live in Kennett Sq.

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